Changing Site Address (URL) causes 404


I have read many other posts, and unfortunately the provided solutions did not work.

The problem is this: I have WordPress installed in a supdirectory and would like to change the front end url to

When I go to Settings > General and change the Site Address (URL) to and check the front end, for, it returns a WordPress custom 404 page. The permalink structure is and return a root 404 error.

I have made sure that the .htaccess is correct (although when I try to update permalinks with the new Site URL it says its not writable) and that the proper permissions are set.

Now, keeping as the Site URL setting, if I go to the original, the home page works, though all links show this structure

I have tried adding the URL define to wp-config.php of


I have tried adding the following to my theme’s functions.php


I have even tried changing both the Site URL and the WordPress URL (checked it manually in the db to make sure it was correct) and changing the directory name to /somethingelse which gives me the white screen of death on every page.

I have tried disabling all plugins and redoing all of the above as well.

I am at a total loss as to what could be causing the errors as I can go over to my other WordPress installs on the same server and change their Site URL with out any problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated before I run out of hair 😉

Thank you again!

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