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The mesmerizing world of Indian cinema

The Indian film fraternity and the businesses associated with it have evolved a lot over time and it has seen various changes with passing time. The movies created in Bollywood are a amalgamation of vicious antagonists and way too confident lead male characters with supportive female leads who is shown as the typical Indian girl next door. The music and background score play a really crucial role in storytelling and that is the reason the music directors and producers take complete liberty and include no less than six or seven tracks in the movie’s album. There are divisions in the film industry as well, some production houses cater to the general public demand cinema like a typical Indian commercial film whereas some others create more meaningful projects in the form of well directed short films as well as documentaries about topics which have a social impact.


Films are a mirror of the society and it reflects the situations, problems and reaction of the outer world in the form of a script which is delivered by the actors. Since every society is different, so are the different film industries. Everyone displays love, affection, anger in a unique manner and that is the reason people look out for instances in movies to which they can relate based on real life examples, it makes them feel connected with the story shown on the big screen. Not only has the industry evolved but it has also kept up in constant great pace with the ever changing trends in the society. It is generally believed that movies and cinema are a direct influence on the society, especially on young impressionable minds which is surely true but we have to consider the fact at the same time that the role which society plays in the plot and depiction of a movie is equally important. The characters and the plots shown in films are majorly drawn from real life elements present in the society that may have existed in past times or still does. The movies clearly show all the things going on in the real world of which some are direct projections and some with subtle clues to follow along. From the dominance shown by the rich to the misery through which a poor person undergoes, from the patriarchal line of thoughts to the vulnerability of females, from a mute and deaf population to a corrupt politician, everything finds a specific spot in the films. Earlier in bollywood , the movies depicted female characters of the film fighting discrimination and social barriers whereas now the projection is concentrated on a girl who is ardent on finding  her true identity, defining self and living at her own will, only to show that the scenario and the problems of the society have changed drastically.


The theme and outline of the films have changed too, when India was undergoing partition the antagonists in cinema were evil zamindars, landlord and sometimes upper caster Brahmins, now the films have villains with advanced ammunitions and strategies matching the level of international criminals. Billionaire industrialists replaced zamindars, and over confident heroism replaced patriotism. The film industry changed with times and soon came a trend of commercial competition which has set the motion in such a manner that the quality and output of the work done has not gone down. The face value of the star actor earned them more than the creative effort put in by the scriptwriters.


I won’t give an opinion on whether anything happening in the film industry is wrong or right, but everything is a two way process, the society takes whatever it likes from the films and the big screen and this cycle goes on till they both reach a new step of evolution and of change, only to influence each other yet again in the future.

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